Lindau Science Trail

Welcome to Lindau! Every summer in this city, Nobel Laureates meet with young scientists from all over the globe. Walk in the footsteps of Nobel Laureates who visited Lindau. On the Lindau Science Trail, you can learn more about these Nobel Laureates and their contributions to science – and which role they play in our daily lives.

There is also an app for the Science Trail. The app guides you to the places in Lindau where you can meet virtual Nobel Laureates. With the help of your smartphone, these virtual scientists tell you more about their research.

Science Trail on Site

Science Trail in Lindau

At 18 stations throughout Lindau, you can learn more about science and research and especially the people behind it. Nobel Laureates have discovered something new that has helps us a lot in our daily lives.

Using a smartphone and QR codes, you can get additional information on the individual Science Trail pylons. At some stations, you can even meet virtual scientists.

Lindau Island and Mainland

You can discover most of the stations on the island of Lindau. Here you can find a station of the Science Trail around almost every corner. The respective topic is always directly connected to the site – for example, a station at the lighthouse discusses various findings on the subject of light.

But there are also several stations on the mainland of Lindau. For example, further along the western shore of Lake Constance, discover two further spots in Lotzbeckpark or in the Lindenhofpark.

Get the App!

For better orientation on the Science Trail, you can download an app to your smartphone. The app is available for free in the App Store and via Google Play. The GPS-based map allows you to navigate along the Lindau Science Trail from one station to the next. or to target the stations that interest you the most. To do this, you can sort the stations according to your personal interests using seven filters.

For example: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economy, Peace or Literature. Select one or more categories and compile your personal Lindau Science Trail. It gets even more exciting with the Science Trail Rally, which is available in the app. Just try it!


Visiting the Lindau Island you can follow the Science Trail by using the (K)Nobelpreis-Multi-cache. This entertaining geocaching trail teaches you some interesting facts in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine.

Please scroll down for the desciption in English.

The Stations on Mainau Island

At the other end of Lake Constance, on the island of Mainau, you can continue the Science Trail. The island is not only known for its floral splendour: every year Nobel laureates and young scientists spend the last day of this event during the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. This is why the three Science Trail stations are located here, featuring informtion about photosynthesis, the atmosphere and about the Lindau Meetings on Mainau.

Nobel Laureate Pier

The Central Station of the Science Trail

There is hardly any other place in the world where so many Nobel Laureates have met regularly besides Lindau. The Nobel Laureate Pier is the best evidence of this. It is located in the “Small Lake” behind the “Inselhalle”, the main venue of Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. With a view of the mainland, the pier is the central station of the Science Trail. All Nobel Laureates who have ever been to Lindau are listed here on their own bar in the guardrail – currently almost 400! On each bar, you can read the name, the year of the Nobel Prize and the year of the first visit to Lindau.

Search Function

The web-based search function makes it easier to find specific Nobel Laureates on the pier. Click on the magnifier and search for names, dates or Nobel Prize disciplines. The search function also includes links to more information in the Lindau Mediatheque.

Virtual Science Trail

Science Trail at Home

Even if you’re not out and about in Lindau, you can follow the Science Trail. With the virtual Science Trail, you can easily start the tour and follow the path. The virtual pylons offer you texts, images and videos on different scientific discoveries honoured with a Nobel Prize. With the virtual version of the Lindau Science Trail, science and research as well as the people behind them come to your home if the weather is too bad or a visit to Lindau still has to wait.

Further Information

In addition to the digital content you can download or order a flyer that helps you to plan your tour along the Lindau Science Trail.


If you are interested in guided tours for groups/school classes or would like to order printed flyers, please contact Sabrina Lummer from the team of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. She will help you with all questions concerning the Lindau Science Trail.

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